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DNR Documents Early Fall Foliage

September 26th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Map of fall foliage in Maryland, with Garrett and Allegany counties just beginning to change

Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.

F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fall is officially here and the trees are starting their transformation across the state. The western parts of Maryland will see the first true signs of color beginning this week, although things are off to a slow start. With the recent rain fall color should ramp up soon and the show will begin.

Join us as we follow the transition each week with reports from our experts at our state forests and parks. This year for the first time, we welcome all of Maryland’s outdoor enthusiasts to send in photos capturing the beauty of the fall season. Please use the submission form to submit your entries directly to us. Your photo might be selected to appear in a future edition of the Fall Foliage Report!

Garrett County, Maryland

New Germany State Park

Ranger Station at New Germany honey locust turning yellow in the foreground


New Germany State Park

The honey locust is making its fall debut with golden leaves, signaling the arrival of the season. We should see additional fall colors peeking through the landscape following this week’s rain showers. Melissa Nash – New Germany State Park

Deep Creek Lake State Park

Trees turning yellow by the lake.

Deep Creek Lake State Park

A few trees in the park are getting a jump start to autumn; treating us to early color. Small sugar maples along the waterfront area are displaying their classic yellow leaves. Ranger Roy Musselwhite – Deep Creek Lake State Park

Allegany County, Maryland

Virginia Creeper turning red

Taking a leisurely drive along the back country roads in Allegany County, you will spot the yellowing of both sycamore and black walnut leaves. The Virginia creeper (above), a common vine in our forests, is also starting to reveal signs of fall with jewel-toned leaves of crimson and purple. Daniel B. Hedderick – Project Forester, Forest Service

Rocky Gap State Park

Rock Gap State Park, view of the lake with the mountains in the background

At this time there still is not very much color to report at Rocky Gap State Park in Allegany County. We have recently been experiencing warm temperatures and no precipitation, resulting in an overall drying out and slight yellowing and browning of some tree foliage.  However, rainfall this week makes us hopeful that conditions will soon improve and allow for more splendid color. Julia Musselwhite – Rocky Gap State Park