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Downtown Dollar closing its doors

December 29th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

A staple at the corner of Baltimore and Centre streets on the Cumberland  mall for nearly 20 years- the Downtown Dollar Store is has  closed its doors this weekend- re-locating to an as yet undisclosed new location. Store owner Mike Knippenberg, appearing on WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show” Friday, said he has enjoyed doing business in the downtown district for the past two decades- but given the current plans- it will no longer be feasibile for him to maintain the current store. He said plans by the city and the Cumberland Economic Development Corporation to re-open the mall to vehicular traffic would kill his outdoor flower business- which has become the major money maker for the store

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  1. Linmarie:

    The best place for flowers anywhere. Sorry to have you move as your store also has everything needed. We will follow you to the new location.

  2. Bob:

    The DDC killed off most of downtown business and now gets an assist from the CEDC to eradicate an outgrowth of commerce that grew in the rubble. The emergence of dollar stores indicates that a town is in decline. When the dollar stores close, it’s time to stick a fork in it. It took over 40 years to pay back (several times over) the $1 million borrowed to brick the place over; now many millions will go to trying to reverse some of that fiasco with yet another.

  3. kevin:

    It is ironic that the economic powers that be, that have failed downtown for decades seek to remove what thriving shops that do exist there to create another vision that has no reason to thrive there. There is no limit to the silly decisions this community is subjected to all the time.

  4. David:

    Isn’t the real reason that he’s leaving because somebody else bought the building from the person he was leasing it from and now wants to use it for his own new business? It sounds like Knippenberg is trying to blame EVERYBODY but himself for not buying the building when he had the chance.

  5. mike:

    And look for some of the restaurants to close as well, especially those that benefit from the outdoor dining in summer. No one will want to sit & eat while a bus is blowing smoke in their faces. Thanks to the morons leading the city!

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