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Dr. Cox to Interview in Tennessee

May 1st, 2019 by WCBC Radio

This afternoon, Sullivan County, Tennessee Public Schools announced that I am a finalist in their search for their next Director of Schools (Superintendent). A few weeks ago I was contacted by the consultant who was hired by the Board to conduct its search for their next Director of Schools, Mr. Wayne Qualls. Mr. Qualls is the retired Tennessee Commissioner of Education who now owns his private executive search firm. He requested permission to consider my name in their selection process.

After several conversations with Mr. Qualls, and after much careful consideration, prayer, and discernment, I agreed to allow my name to move forward in consideration, which has lead to my selection as a finalist in this process. In the State of Tennessee, it is required that the names of finalists become public prior to an interview by a Board. In accordance, this information has been released to the local media and to the community.

Sullivan County Tennessee includes the cities of Kingsport, Bristol, and the County seat of Blountville. It is also located in my native region of Northeast Tennessee, adjacent to my childhood home of Hawkins County, TN, and is often referred to as the Tri-Cities area, which is comprised of Bristol (TN and VA), Kingsport, TN and Johnson City, TN, and surrounding communities. I essentially spent the first 10 years of my 35 year professional education career in Northeast Tennessee as a teacher and school administrator.

My children, my wife, and I were all born in Kingsport. I earned all of my professional degrees from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City. The prospect of once again living and working in my native Northeast Tennessee and having the opportunity to serve as the leader of another wonderful school district, living close to our siblings and other family members is exciting for me and my wife, but is tempered with the reality that doing so would mean leaving a community, a church home, students, and staff that we have grown to love.

While the outcome of this process is yet unknown, I will continue to work hard every day, for as long as I serve in my current capacity as Superintendent of Allegany Public Schools, a position in which I have been honored to serve for the past 10 years. I will interview formally with the Sullivan County, Tennessee Board of Education for the position of Director of Schools next week.

2 Responses to “Dr. Cox to Interview in Tennessee”

  1. May 01, 2019 at 11:11 pm, Bob said:

    “I earned all of my professional degrees from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City.” That says it all; a trumped up teachers college with an acceptance rate of 92% and a graduation rate of 43% !! It makes FSU look like an institution of higher edukashion.


  2. May 02, 2019 at 1:02 pm, Joe wellberg said:

    Cox jumping ship. Getting out before his salary gets cut due to job losses at the Mill.


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