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Edwards: Vaccine Distribution Improving, Slowly

February 5th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Efforts to improve scheduling and administering COVID-19 vaccinations in Allegany County are continuing. However, the biggest problem remains a lack of an adequate numbers of doses coming from the state. Local residents have been met with busy signals and some of the older population have had trouble navigating the online applications. The combination of too few doses to go around and the lack of a centralized agency to oversee the process in the community has created a less than ideal local roll out. The volume of doses being distributed by the state has also been somewhat erratic. Last week UPMC Western Maryland received 1,000 doses which were distributed during a two day clinic. This week only 100 doses were received. State Senator George Edwards tells WCBC News that he understands the frustration but also believes the process has been improving…