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Farrell Comments on Keeping Schools Open this Year

September 7th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Maryland State School Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury said last week he expects no public-school building in the state will close this academic year because of COVID-19. Choudhury said there will be positive cases, but added that local school superintendents will do everything possible to keep classrooms safe. He said he does not foresee any scenario where we have to close a single school down in Maryland if all of the safety protocols are in place. Allegany County Board of Education vice-president Robert Farrell hopes that is the case as he believes a return to virtual learning would be devastating for the community.

While vaccination mandates for teachers, staff and eventually students would go a long way toward helping keep schools from having to be shut down by COVID- Farrell said that is something he doesn’t endorse.