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Former County Commissioner Valentine Comments Animal Shelter Request For Additional Funds

April 15th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Commissioners were thrown a  curve by the Animal Shelter last week when the county officials were told they either need to provide an additional $100,000 in funding- or assume the responsibility of running the operation. The total request for funding now on the table is $500,000.  The Allegany County Animal Shelter was operated by the county until a group of concerned citizens offered to take over operations in 2010 and adopt a no-kill policy. The county agreed and the citizens helped to create a nonprofit foundation to administer operations at the animal shelter. Former county commissioner Bill Valentine, on WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show”, said that the financial difficulties at the shelter have been apparent for sometime- but his efforts to take a proactive approach when he was in office- were rebuffed…


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  1. Bob:

    The “foundation” has seemed dicey from the start. It seems to be the major support of one of its board member’s firm, McClarran & Williams, Inc. The shelter’s webpage states that it is designed by the firm but if one googles the firm’s name, one gets a notice that McClarran & Williams, Inc.’s own webpage is “Under Construction since 2002.”

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