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Franchot Recommends Continuation of Federal Jobless Benefits

May 18th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot tells WCBC News he doesn’t want to see Maryland follow the lead of nearly 20 other states who are cutting off federal unemployment benefits beginning next month. Nearly 2 million Americans could lose at least some — and in many cases all — of their federal unemployment benefits starting in June, as a growing number of Republican governors have announced they will end their states' participation in the federal programs as coronavirus pandemic restrictions ease.  Officials in GOP-led states, including West Virginia,  claim the $300 increased benefits are a disincentive for people to return to work, leading to workforce shortages as businesses try to rehire workers. While Governor Larry Hogan has said the state is looking into it- no decisions have been made.  Franchot, an announced Democrat candidate for governor in 2022, says now is not the time to play hardball with benefits as there are still thousands of families in Maryland struggling to get by…