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Franchot Talks To WCBC About State Of Local Tourism Industry

November 11th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

After delivering remarks last week during the annual Maryland Tourism and Travel Summit at Rocky Gap- Comptroller Peter Franchot talked with WCBC News about the state of the local tourism industry. He says his office’ focus has been in attempting to attract young professionals to the state. While most people think about Ocean City, Baltimore and to a lesser extent- Garrett County when it comes to destination points in Maryland- Cumberland also has a great deal to offer…


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  1. November 11, 2019 at 9:44 am, mac said:

    Yes, what a wonderful area for young entrepreneurs to come and set up shop. Now if only there were people with enough income to purchase their wares.
    If they expect to create an income from sales to tourists they are in for a rude awakening.
    Seeing that the highest levels of State government are flogging the continued promise of tourism it’s a dismal outlook for Cumberland and Allegany County. It’s not even a promise after all it’s a wish. It’s always just around the corner, plans are under way. A consultant has been hired, there are projects in the works but we can’t discuss them at this time. And that time never arrives.


  2. November 11, 2019 at 2:25 pm, Terri Lynn Martin said:

    Mac, as always ~ You’ve hit the nail on the head! Touts of Tourism is Great Propaganda & as you said, all levels of Government keep dumping fake promises & seemingly endless dollars into ‘Dreams & Fantasy! ‘ I’m 44 years old. My great grandfather moved here from Shenandoah Valley for the RR & for 4 generations , when not serving our country, there’s always been a RR’er in the family~incl my husband, now. AS well, My G2Pap had 9 kids & by now, well over 100 grand&great grand kids=many still here… My grandfather & his 8 siblings=The Greatest Gen ~ WWII Vets/Era lived the BEST w/All the Great Companies:Kelly, Celanese, etc (though, they did die from work/war related cancers & illnesses~most were still over 75yrs!) = But, my dad’s Gen suffered thru the RR downsize & plants closings = The 80′s, I’m sure you recall, is when the Great Tourism Dream began… to replace the loss Industries! So, it’s been nearly 40 years they’ve promised Great Tourists to enrich our area & even did well for a few years w/the Scenic Railroad, Fridays after Five & a slight mall Revitalizat ion = Unfortunately, that little bit of spunk lead into The Money Pits: Canal Place, Footer Dye~The Scenic RR ! The Casino Helped bring a few hotels & the Neverending disaster: Rolling Mills= Which, if I’m understanding correctly, is 1 piece of 4 part plan top basically wipe 1/4 of City housing from the Map to male room for ‘Travel Stops’ like Lavale!
    … On & On, I could go. ..40+ years of the same crap & still nothing to show for it! And, now, they soaking $9 MILLION n2 the Mall! ?!
    Ya know, I have a theory. ..A Happy Community is a Working Community filled with citizens invested in the Community!
    Williamsburg, VA is a PERFECT Example of What Cumberland Should be: A mix of business & Industry employing many residents rounded off by small businesses & Tourist Supporting businesses: hotels, resorts, restaurants, etc. The Real foundation is The Manufacturing Businesses & Industries supporting locals, who then, have stable income to invest in housing & small businesses~All of which grow the Tourist Attractions!
    It’s Simple. .. Economics?
    It’s simple Math!
    Build the city’s Industries, Employ the Citizens & then,
    assist citizens as they invest in the community & then, the Tourists May come for more than a few nights at a hotel surrounded by nothing=making their casino return even less likely! Unless you can afford to stay at Rocky Gap or are a hard core gambler, you don’t come to Cumberland for the Casino AND ALL THE OTHER GREAT THINGS TO DO !
    The Powers that be (&never change) All operate on Socialism type model of Tax payer-Government $ pumped n2 city to build Their vision & Expect: If they build it, We’ll somehow be able to afford & support it & Others will come. .. Hmm! CUMBERLAND-Lost her title of Queen City & turned into the Field of Dreams. ..???… More like, a waste land & field of nightmares!
    *And, that’s 100% cuz too much bad Government & Gov Involvement n the Wrong Areas/Things!
    *Macy’s annual hiring from this area~last year, I heard was nearly 4000 Ppl taking buses to Martinsburg ~ is Proof of a Willing Labor force wanting decent jobs at decent pays! The people are here & Will Work! Cumberland isn’t full of Mall Rats, Criminals, Drugs & Trash!


    • November 11, 2019 at 6:13 pm, mac said:

      > Terri Lynn Martin, you mentioned those individuals traveling to Martinsburg for work reminded me of those others that drive to Hagerstown and Front Royal, Va. Just two other cities that offer more employment opportunities.
      It still amazes me that the “economic development” departments of local government work so diligently to stay away from trying to describe Allegany County to prospective business concerns other than fast food and that ilk. This community has immediate highway access and is located within a two hour driving distance to Washington, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. A very large percentage of the Eastern States population falls within that area.
      We have the land to build on, we have the willing workers but none of this seems to make any difference.
      The Comptroller was in town for, wait for it, the Tourism and Travel summit. That seems to be all that matters.
      Sooner or later someone needs to remove the blinders from the economic development people.


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