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Frostburg Police response to suicide call

July 15th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

On Wednesday,at 11:30 p.m., Frostburg City Police Officers were searching for a 16-year-old male subject who reportedly was suicidal, had cut himself, and was carrying a

throwing axe with him in a bag. Allegany County Sheriff’s Deputies checked juvenile’s residence outside the City limits while Frostburg City Police Officers checked the Frostburg area. Police then received information that the juvenile was just in Frostburg at a local business plaza on New Georges Creek Road.

Frostburg City Police officers located the juvenile in the plaza. Upon seeing the police officers

arrive, the juvenile immediately fled on foot. Officers, aware that the juvenile was reportedly

suicidal and carrying a throwing axe, pursued him on foot.

The officers caught up to the subject who surrendered, fully complied with verbal commands,

and was taken into custody without further incident and without the use of force. Officers located

the throwing axe on his person and took custody of it.

The officers transported him to the UPMC Western Maryland hospital where the Allegany

County Sheriff’s Office completed an emergency petition.

Frostburg City Police Chief Nicholas J. Costello commended the work of the two FPD officers

who handled the incident, First Sergeant Josh Bacon and Sergeant Jeremy Durst. “These officers

did a great job. They showed courage and dedication to duty, knowing the subject was armed

with a throwing axe and suicidal, and they took him into custody safely, with no use of force

being used or necessary as the incident unfolded. This was excellent police work,” Costello said.

The Chief further said, “I appreciate the great communication and teamwork in this situation

from our partners at the Allegany County Sheriff’s Office and the Allegany County Department

of Emergency Services. It’s another example of how well law enforcement and public safety

agencies work together in this area.”