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Garrett County Releases 911 Call Audio from Stevens Death

February 21st, 2019 by WCBC Radio

After a lengthy legal battle in Garrett County, the 911 audio tapes from the day Alexander Stevens was found dead have been released. Garrett County Attorney Gorman E. Getty III has released the call audio after originally denying public information requests from the Cumberland Times-News and Rozas Law Office in Cumberland on behalf of their client Jason Perkinson for the audio recordings of Megan Shaffer, who was later found guilty of Alexander Stevens' death.

Getty denied both the Times-News and Perkinson PIA requests, citing a violation of Maryland's Wiretap Act. Last week, Garrett County Circuit Court Judge Raymond Strubin ruled in favor of Perkinson, finding that there was no violation of the Wiretap Act. Getty then released the audio recordings via email. 

When asked by dispatchers for the location of Stevens, Shaffer’s response is vague, and chilling:


After dispatchers ask who was with Shaffer, and his whereabouts- she responds that Stevens is dead.


Listen to the full 911 call from Shaffer to Garrett County Emergency Dispatch: 



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