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Hogan Orders Stay at Home Directive

March 31st, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan Monday morning announced that he had elevated his Stay at Home request to a Stay at Home Directive, meaning that residents should only leave their homes for essential reasons, such as acquiring food or medicine, or traveling to and from a job that has been deemed essential…

Governor Hogan made the point that some state residents were not taking social distancing seriously, and noted that scientists and medical personnel working on the issue believe Maryland could be as bad as New York within two weeks.

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  1. Bob:

    Larry needs to get drones to buzz the miscreants while blaring his latest orders as the Euro rulers have done.

  2. Gary:

    Well another nonbeliever in our Governor! You’re probably one of the folks galavanting around without regard to others good health and safety. Are you aware that we have a failing grade in following any directives? This county received an F in social distancing

  3. Jay:

    Hogan for President!

  4. Bob:

    > I have been social distancing for years, why else would one move to this Mensa-forsaken place?

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