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Interim Superintendent of School Announces Administrative Staffing Appointments

October 16th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Interim Superintendent of Schools, Mr. Jeff Blank, has announced several administrative staffing appointments as a result of retirements. Misty Dotson has replaced Bob Stevenson as the interim principal at Beall Elementary School effective immediately; Derek Horne will replace Alexa Fazenbaker as the interim principal at Westernport Elementary School effective November 1, 2020; and Shannon Ralston will replace Sharon Morgan as the interim principal at Flintstone Elementary School effective January 1, 2021.

            Misty Dotson earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education and her Master of Education degree in Administration and Supervision, both from Frostburg State University. She began her tenure in ACPS in 2002 and has held positions of a Title I resource teacher, classroom teacher, and most recently as the Assistant Principal at Beall.

            “Serving as Assistant Principal at Beall Elementary School for the past seven years has prepared me for the role of interim principal,” said Dotson.  “I will continue to develop a school culture and educational program that fosters positive relationships and boasts cooperation and teamwork.  I am so excited to continue serving the Beall Elementary community as interim principal.”

            Derek Horne earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education from Wilmington College and his Master of Education in K-12 Principal from California University of Pennsylvania. He has also completed additional coursework to fulfill requirements for special education certification. Derek came to ACPS in 2001 and has been a special education teacher and most recently the Assistant Principal at Cash Valley Elementary School.

            “I am excited and truly honored for this opportunity to join the students, families, faculty, and community at Westernport Elementary,” said Horne. “I am hopeful to use my experiences from the amazing staff and administration that I have had the pleasure of working with over the past twenty years to cultivate a positive environment that fosters perseverance, a growth mindset, and collaboration from all stakeholders for the success of our children.”

            Shannon Ralston earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education and her Master of Education degree in Guidance and Counseling, both from Frostburg State University. Upon her graduation from FSU, she went on to receive her certification in Administration and Supervision. Shannon began her career with ACPS in 1992, and over the years has been a Title I resource teacher, a classroom teacher, a guidance counselor, an administrative assistant, and an assistant principal, a position she held most recently at West Side Elementary School.

            “Words cannot adequately express how elated I am to be joining the Flintstone Elementary School community,” said Ralston. “I am truly honored with being named interim principal and look forward to working with the staff and parents to ensure the best education possible for our students. I believe all students can learn, and I will work with the staff to instill a positive growth mindset and build a strong learning environment."