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Justice Unveils Plan to Use Surplus Relief Funds for Road Repair Initiatives

June 4th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

During Thursday’s COVID-19 press conference, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice announced that he would call a special session of the West Virginia Legislature for next Monday, June 7, in order to appropriate federal funds to the state’s road maintenance programs. Justice said that the state has hit an almost $400 million surplus with relief funds it received from the federal government for the DHHR and the Department of Education, and he wants to allocate a portion of that money to fix potholes and maintain bridges across the state.  He is requesting the state legislature to commit $150 million to the state’s road maintenance program for all 55 West Virginia counties. His plan would involve a total of 402 projects, 742.84 miles of paving, 17 slips and slides, 40 bridges, and 111 other projects.