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Landlords discuss concerns with Mayor and Council

October 14th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

There were a few testy exchanges last week when several area landlords met with the Cumberland Mayor and City Council to discuss a variety of concerns. One major sticking point centered on how landlords are attracting renters for their properties- as recent data shows a large population from down state moving to this area- and doing so for two primary reasons: low rent and a burgeoning illegal drug market.  Mayor Ray Morriss was disappointed when he learned that none of those landlords in attendance have developed relationships with human resource representatives from some of the area’s growing businesses…


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  1. Joe Wellberg:

    Maybe the other reason the mayor isn’t telling you is that landlords over 85% don’t allow pets.

  2. Joe Wellberg:

    > At one point it was well over 90% who would not allow pets. Also another draw back is how the few residents are clearly so old they don’t like anything new at all. Also those few older people control your economy and they helped elect some previous elected officials not the current 5 members of the mayor and city council. If you want to know who they are 1 runs a art museum and the other was a dance instructor. The likely person who controlled things that rather have the prisons instead of skilled based employment is a left leaning lawyer.

  3. jim:

    don’t forget, they like to relocate to be near their imprisoned family members. Then when they get out, why not set up shop in cheap Cumberland?

  4. Babbs:

    The people coming up from down state are here to live closer to their convicted family members at the prisons. They have learned that a welfare check and a DEPENDENCE card goes a lot further here than it does in the Baltimore and Washington area. No law abiding U.S. citizen wants to live in the areas that several of these landlords are renting out because of the drug dealers/addicts, panhandlers, human traffickers, etc. You can’t go to the downtown Save A Lot without getting harassed by one of them. In addition, any landlord that unknowingly rents to people like this, end up losing thousands of dollars in renovations repairing what’s been destroyed, because they trash the place! You want to beautify Cumberland? You need to start by beautifying the people first! Just Saying.

  5. Mark:

    Where is this so called ‘recent data’ to be found?? And who is buying all the drugs up here?? Local people is who, and paying much more from what I hear. But it’s easier to blame ‘outsiders’ especially if they’re non-white instead of admitting it’s your own white trash kids that are the dope heads. Some ignorant racists here need to start looking in the mirror if they want to see WHO is the problem in this WHITE ghetto.

  6. Mark:

    & maybe you should start weeding out the SLUMlords!!

  7. Ken:

    “…recent data shows a large population from down state moving to this area- and doing so for two primary reasons: low rent and a burgeoning illegal drug market.”

    So, let me see if this makes sense. “Recent data” claims that one of the motivations for people to move here is “a burgeoning illegal drug market”.

    Was there a survey conducted where a large percentage of people who recently moved here admitted they did so to take advantage of “a burgeoning illegal drug market”?

    More likely than not, there is no data claiming this other than several opinions made up by people with nothing better to do.

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