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Lawyer Comments on Response Deadline for Foote

February 13th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The attorney for embattled Allegany County School Board member Wayne Foote has called today’s deadline to respond to charges against him-  just another step in what could be a very lengthy legal process. In brief, the outgoing Board of Education, just days before new board members were to be sworn in, took action in December approving  a resolution that asked the state board of education to remove Foote for misconduct. Since then the  state board has received additional letters and documents that detail specific accounts of Foote's alleged inappropriate behavior and sexual innuendos. Foote has said from the beginning that he has done nothing wrong and expects his name to be cleared. George “Mac” McKinley, Foote’s attorney, said a response to Maryland’s attorney general will be provided by the deadline. Once the response is in hand, the state board may remove Foote and request a hearing on the charges-   although the receipt of additional material in recent weeks could delay the process- and overall timeframe. McKinley says with the matter potentially winding up in Circuit Court-  it may be sometime before a final resolution is reached…

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  1. kevin:

    . . . or we may get a very fast response. We will see. I sense Mr. Foote is “whistling past the churchyard.” The past is never past.

  2. j.r. lepley:

    I also don’t think the B.O.E. and the TAXPAYER S should be responslble for the legal bill s

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