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Man Charged With August Damage to City Parking Garage Gate

November 14th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

On August 8th, Cumberland City Police responded to the parking garage on George Street for damage to the parking gate.

Officers reviewed the surveillance video and observed the suspect lift the gate by hand locking it in the upright position and then parking their vehicle inside the parking garage without paying the fee. When the gate was lifted manually it damaged internal parts which needed repaired.

Officers were able to identify the suspect as Garrett Lane Kniseley. Charges were filed through District Court and a criminal summons was issued. On Friday. the summons was served on Kniseley.  

Kniseley signed for his copies of the summons and is pending trial in District Court.


Served – Garrett Lane Kniseley (23) Cumberland, MD

Charges – Malicious Destruction of Property and Theft less than $100.00