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Maplehurst Country Club Closed While Issues Resolved

August 17th, 2018 by WCBC Radio

Earlier this week, a Nevada company exercised a foreclosure option, and wound up buying the Maplehurst Country Club in Frostburg at an auction.  That has left the present and future of the golf course very much up in the air, and the facility is closed at the present time. 

Jason Buckel is the attorney for the Board of Directors of the club, and tells WCBC News that the board had hoped to sell the club to a group headed by local investors.

Buckel says that although a contract was signed for the purchase, and the local group operated the course for the past few months, the transaction never made it to closing, leading to the auction.  That has led to a complicated financial situation.  The board would like to at least finish the season, but it has no legal right to do so without an okay from the Nevada group which now owns the course  The board also does not have access to the money collected for the current season by the former operator, which creates another major hurdle.

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  1. Adam Clark:

    I was going through my parents items (Frank “Spike” Clark and Muriel Clark). They have both passed. I came across a Certificate of Capital Stock dated April 1, 1987 that was issued to my parents. I went on-line today (July 8, 2019) to reach out to the MCC and see if the Stock still had any value… Based on the foreclosure, I’m assuming the answer is no. If anyone has any insight, please let me know. There is also a Stock Certificate from The Evitts Creek Land & Improvement Co. I’m not sure if the certificates are related. Sincerely, Adam Clark

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