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Maryland Begins Prioritizing Vaccinating Independent Living Facilities

February 3rd, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Maryland has begun to vaccinate its independent living facilities, which were not previously included in the CVS/Walgreens long-term care program by the previous administration, according to Gov. Larry Hogan's communications director, Michael Ricci. 

That program is currently making its way through second clinics of nursing homes, and first clinics of assisted living facilities. 

"We are asking local health and aging officials to work with us to prioritize independent living communities for vaccinations in the coming weeks," Ricci wrote in an announcement.

Maryland's department of aging will work directly with each local agency on aging. According to a release, that will include:

1. Identify independent living (IL) communities (65 and older) in their respective local jurisdiction that have not already been identified and placed on the Federal Long-Term Care Pharmacy COVID-19 Vaccine Partnership (Part B) list for Maryland;

2. Identify at least one independent living community per jurisdiction per week, with a priority on congregate care or high-density communities according to the following criteria:

       1. High density independent living facilities with a majority of 75-plus Marylanders;

       2. High density independent living facilities with a majority of 65-plus Marylanders;

       3. Independent living communities that as a majority of their population with 65-plus Marylanders; and

       4. Other independent living communities that have significant 65-plus populations.

3. Work with the IL community in question, and a local COVID-19 vaccine provider to establish a clinical relationship and the appropriate logistical arrangements for vaccinating that community; and

4. Provide to the Department of Aging by Monday 2 p.m. each week with the number of individuals and the provider’s information so that the appropriate allocations can be allocated for the subsequent week’s vaccine distribution.