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More Rolling Mill Properties Coming Down

July 19th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The Rolling Mill area of Cumberland will see more properties coming down in the near future. The city has taken advantage of Allegany County’s Community Enhancement program to cover the cost of demolishing seven residential properties, three of which are duplexes, in the 600 block of Maryland Avenue. David Nedved, Economic and Community Development representative for the county, said that this is not part of the commercial/business complex being planned as part of the Maryland Avenue Redevelopment project…


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  1. mac:

    I would be interested to know how much, if any, of the proposed housing units will be low to middle income properties. If the answer is zero then this is an attempt to gentrify the neighborhood. I hope that I’m proved wrong.

  2. kevin:

    > Given the rumored development is going to be a C-store, a car wash, and a dollar store with a fast food franchise to complete the setting, I don’t envision much upscale demand for housing in this project, so low to middle income is likely the default setting. This is Cumberland today – we aspire to be a rest stop on the interstate.

  3. mac:

    > If the rumors you speak of are true then you are probably right.
    You may also be right, heaven forbid, about the rest stop analogy.

  4. Ld:

    I thought the developer owned all the properties . The CEDC AND THE CITY sold everything to the developer. If this is true why is the city going to use the tax payers money to tear down the developer owned building.

  5. mark:

    But just think of all those GREAT part time minimum wage jobs Cumberland will get!! Just what we’ve needed for our economic revival/boom! smh

  6. kevin:

    > Given that all county officials and many city officials oppose a higher minimum wage the irony is pretty deep.

  7. mac:

    > There is no irony here. It’s all part of the County/City economic development master plan.
    Go after and attract the dollar stores and car washes, the low hanging fruit, and then tout the businesses locating here. What a wonderful job they’ve done. What a glorious future here in our community. They will be sure to mention the number of jobs created but fail to add that none of them are full time, 40 hour work.

  8. Lav:

    Kevin, Mac, Mark: If any of you three stooges reside here in Cumberland, and you hate it that much…..MOVE!

  9. mark:

    > Ahh, we hurt the snowflakes feelings!! So now the snowflake wants to do a Trump impersonation!! How cute! A little bigot in training! LOL

  10. Lav:

    > No, I’m just sick of u libtards always wanting to spend taxpayer money on actual meaningful improvements to the city instead of shutting up while our wise leaders piss your money away & direct it to their friends/businesses while they work hard on making this the finest GHETTO in Maryland!Just wait till you see the new two-tone bricks on the downtown mall! Any junkie will b proud to throw his needle there or drunk would love to retch/urinate on such FINE bricks! (if the bricks aren’t under water from a daily water line break) Wait, you’ll see!!

  11. Ken:


    Let’s get right down to it.

    We have problems here pretty much just like everywhere else in this country. I suspect that we all would like to make some kind of progress in this mess but the two questions ahead of us are: what do we believe we want to do and what is the best use of our limited resources?

    In reading the comments here, I get it, there’s some kind of thrill in calling people we don’t agree with names. At the same time, maybe, if we all came up with an idea of how we think these issues should be addressed, there’s a small chance we can move the ball ahead.

    Or, we can devolve into petty name calling which is likely to do nothing at its best but more likely allow things to get worse.

    Had to be said…

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