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Morriss remains optimistic about the scenic railroad’s future

October 1st, 2020 by WCBC Radio

It has become a waiting game of sorts for the Western Maryland Scenic Railroad- with officials hoping to avoid a total fiscal collapse as the COVID-19 pandemic moves into the fall.  In July, railroad superintendent John Garner reported losses in excess of $650,000 as a result of the Coronavirus shutting down the tourist train.  Although the there was hope that excursions could resume in the fall, the operational schedule remains effectively crippled at this time as a result of Gov. Larry Hogan's COVID guidelines. Those restrictions, although loosened in recent months, still don’t allow enough passengers to make any excursions profitable. When, or if, the railroad can begin operations again- it is expected to do so with a completely restored 1309 steam engine. Mayor Ray Morriss said that while it looks bleak now- he remains optimistic the scenic railroad will eventually return and provide a tremendous shot in the arm to the region’s tourism industry.