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Morriss Responds to Concerns with Downtown Bottleneck Traffic

August 8th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

With several bridges closed; one under construction; two major road projects and utility lines being dug up- travel on Cumberland’s West Side has become difficult to say the least.  Last Friday at the peak of the afternoon rush hour- a tractor trailer accident detoured drivers downtown- leading to traffic tie ups lasting more than an hour for some. A major concern for West Side residents centers on the ability for police, fire and ambulances to access their homes in case of emergencies.  A caller to WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show” said there was such an emergency just this week in the area of Fayette Street….

Mayor Ray Morriss tells WCBC News he is well aware of some of the problems people are experiencing…

He disagrees with the caller when it comes to planning- noting that the city has thorough detailed plans in place for accessing the West Side should an emergency occur…

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  1. Linmarie:

    Cumberland is having growing paid right now. It is summer and so the work crews are busy trying to get projects done before Winter arrives. Be thankful and bless the people who are working in thie heat. Progress always requires making a mess.

  2. kevin:

    > It’s hard to bless people who obstruct the fire trucks when your house is on fire.

  3. Ed Dodrill:

    I don’t the city has communicated all this very well. What happened to this new communication effort? Nothing has been put out about all this work on Fayette, Cumberland Street, Allegany Street, etc. All we heard was about was Greene St. BTW it has nothing to do with “growing pains.” Where’s the growth?

  4. Levi:

    The city isnt telling citizens anything anymore. its like they just run things in the dark and they dont want anybody to know whats going on. I think it spoke loud and clear when the NEW MAYOR went off on the COMMISSIONER PRESIDENT on his facebook and said when he is bringing up serious issues like the bridges that its just a “bitch session.” the NEW MAYOR needs to wake up and start to work instead of just getting his picture taken all around town acting like hes a big shot.

  5. LRH:

    While agree that Mayor Morris and the City in general has been disappointingly passive regarding the on going traffic mess, we are left with little choice but to suffer through this while the work is being done. This a tough mess to dig out of. 85% of the blame still needs to be put back on the previous do nothing administration.

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