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Morriss Updates Administrator Hiring

September 30th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Cumberland Mayor Ray Morriss, during a recent appearance on WCBC’s “Dave Norman Show”, provided an update on the city’s search for a new city administrator. Jeff Rhodes, who served for 11 years, retired from the position effective June 1. Interviews with the finalist list that has been narrowed to three have been conducted in the past two weeks- and the mayor says a leading candidate has been identified. Initially the hope was to have an administrator in place by November 1st- but that schedule could be moved up with a hire apparently close at hand. Due to the sensitive nature of such negotiations, Morriss is prohibited from providing much in the way of specifics about the candidates, but he did offer that one is from Maryland; one in Pennsylvania and another currently residing in Alaska. He also offered that one of the finalists is female…