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Mountain Ridge Announces Fall Sports Ticket Information

October 22nd, 2020 by WCBC Radio

Due to Covid-19 restrictions being placed upon the upcoming fall sports season, Mountain Ridge High School's stadium can only have a capacity of 405 spectators and a maximum capacity of 100 spectators in the school gym. These numbers do not include anyone participating in the event.

There will be tickets available for parents of those students that are participating in the event; however, in some cases, such as varsity football and volleyball, there will be no extra tickets available. Extra tickets may be available for some boys and girls soccer and JV football games, and they will go on sale at the game on a “first come, first served” basis.

Prior to each home game, every player will be given two tickets from their coaching staff. Advisors/coaches will give cheerleaders, Diamonds, and band members two tickets for very home game that they perform at. For each away game, Mountain Ridge will receive two tickets per player from the hosting school. Tickets will be $6.00 each. When approaching the ticket booth, please present the ticket(s) and money to the ticket booth cashier. Please have exact change. If available, extra tickets will be sold at the gate for $3.00 students, $6.00 adults. No BOE passes, MPSSAA passes or complementary passes will be accepted. Concessions will not be open.

Below is the list of Mountain Ridge High School home games with available tickets:

10/27/20: JV Football vs. Fort Hill (222)
10/29/20: Girls Soccer vs. Fort Hill (308)
11/2/20: Volleyball vs. Northern (8)
11/3/20: Girls Soccer vs. Northern (302)
11/5/20: Boys Soccer vs. Southern (158)
11/7/20: Boys Soccer vs. CCA (250)
11/9/20: Volleyball vs. Allegany (10)
11/9/20: Girls Soccer vs. St Maria Goretti (306)
11/10/20: Boys Soccer vs. Allegany (158)
11/11/20: Volleyball vs. BW (18)
11/12/10: Girls Soccer vs BW: 288
11/16/20: Volleyball vs. Fort Hill (6)
11/17/20: Boys Soccer vs. Fort Hill (188)
11/19/20: Boys Soccer vs. Northern (238)
11/24/20: Girls Soccer vs. Southern (296)
11/30/20: JV Football vs. Northern (250)
12/1/20: Girls Soccer vs. Allegany (292)
12/3/20: Boys Soccer vs. BW (242)
12/14/20: JV Football vs. Allegany (248)