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National Cardiology Award Received Locally

July 29th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

In a letter from the UPMC Cardiovascular Services Department, Internal Medicine Chairman Dr. Christopher Haas has recognized the health system’s EMS partners for their role in winning the American College of Cardiology’s “Chest Pain/MI Registry 2021 Platinum Performance Award” for the successful treatment of heart attack victims in the Western Maryland region.

In writing the letter, Dr. Haas noted that this award is given to only the very best programs in the country and the only two hospital systems in Maryland received the 2021 award.

“The road to recovery for our heart attack patients begins with you, and we are beyond blessed to have such incredible, professional EMS services in our area. Thank you for all you do, and congratulations on the award,” Haas concluded. 

Reacting to the letter, County Department of Emergency Services Director James R. Pyles noted that the goal of the department is ensure that the citizens of this county get the best possible pre-hospital EMS care, in the fastest and safest manner.
“After a citizen calls 911 and requests an ambulance, time is everything” Pyles said.  “Time is the heart muscle dying, time is the lack of oxygen reaching the brain, and it is crucial that we get an ambulance to the scene as quickly as possible”. 

During 2021, the county emergency services division benefited from solutions implemented across the board during 2019 and 2020, allowing them to respond to an ever-improving percentage of calls in time to save lives. “The entire EMS system in Allegany County has never been better, this is exemplified by this award.” Pyles said. 
“Looking back on troubling and concerning statistics from 2017, something had to be done.  We needed to get ambulances on the street and to the citizens of the county,” Pyles said.
In 2019, improvement was dramatic, with the average delayed rate was 2.35% and failed response was 2.50% for ambulance calls, a reduction in late and failed calls of over 80%

Pyles views Allegany County’s career EMS system as still young and growing, compared to other, larger departments around the state and recognizes the importance of awards like the one just announced.  “This is absolutely amazing work by all.” Pyles said.
“The City of Cumberland Fire Department and our providers have enjoyed a very close working relationship with UPMC – Western Maryland since its inception with the synergy of this relationship providing the drive to continue this award-winning partnership into the future, serving the citizens of the Tri-State Region.” Captain Vince Pyle, City of Cumberland Fire Department said.
“We are proud to help UPMC win this award, because we want what is best for our residents and visitors to Allegany County. An award like this prove the men and women of the Allegany Department of Emergency Services are making Allegany County a better place to work, live and visit.” Pyles said.