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No COVID Vaccine Clinics At UMPC Western Maryland This Week

February 1st, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Due to a limited vaccine release from the state of Maryland, UPMC Western Maryland will not hold a community COVID-19 vaccination clinic this week. Only 100 doses of vaccine were made available, and these doses will be used specifically for immunocompromised patients already admitted to the hospital, as well patients undergoing oncology treatment and dialysis.

 UPMC Western Maryland will continue to request additional state allocated vaccine so future clinics can take place. So far, 1,300 members of the community have been vaccinated the hospital clinics. “We applaud the public enthusiasm to receive COVID-19 vaccines, and we appreciate the patience of everyone waiting to receive their vaccinations,” said President Michele Martz. “We urge people to continue protecting themselves and others by wearing masks, practicing social distancing and hand washing. These measures work and will continue to keep us all safe as more vaccine becomes available.”