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Pica Joining Effort to Restore Columbus Statue

July 8th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

John Pica, the former state senator who chairs Baltimore's Columbus Day parade and festival, said Tuesday he and other activists were working on ways to protect or relocate the Christopher Columbus statue from its perch in Little Italy. He told WBAL Radio that those efforts could not come to fruition before protesters toppled the 14-ton statue late Saturday and threw its remains into the Inner Harbor. Crews fished out pieces on Monday. Pica said the statue will be restored and moved…


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  1. LRH:

    Thank you for some good news.

  2. David:

    How about prosecuting the ones that tore it down! Give them 10 miles of highway to cut down weeds. They obvious have lots of time on their hands. >

  3. Jay:

    Or you could go down to B-more and fish the statue out of the inner harbor. It would save the state some money.

  4. Lav:

    > Good idea! Work for it if it means that much to everyone. Personally, I think the leader of a genocide movement doesn’t deserve a statue, but that’s just me.

  5. Pat:

    Jay: Read the article, they already removed parts of it from the bay.
    Lav: Where do you get the idea that Columbus was the leader of a genocide movement? The people put in the hard work to have the statute only to have the “do nothings” destroy it.

  6. Mark:

    > Columbus was an evil p.o.s. Any truthful non-white supremacist history knows that. But if a bunch of fish eating K.O.C. dagos want to pay to put it up in their own club, let them.

  7. Jay:

    Historical facts on Columbus are not completely concrete. We do know he made 4 voyages across the Atlantic and never landed in what is the US. He landed in Cuba, a number of Caribbean Islands, and Central America. Some accounts say that he plundered the inhabitants of those islands and captured a number of them to take back to Europe as trophies. A number of the captured folk died on the way back. He also introduced new diseases to the native folk which did cause death. Some historians say that he also sexually used or abused some of the native women. That’s all I got.

  8. mac:

    > That’s enough and it’s true.

  9. hollywood:

    Oh you must be talking about Heinrich Luitpold Himmler Columbus. Definitely Genocide, first thing he thought of when he landed here.

  10. hollywood:

    See, Mary, Alex, I told you Mark is Foul mouthed Jerk. I think I’ve just gone fishing, let’s see what I catch.

  11. hollywood:

    Dr. Oppenheimer, Professor Einstein, thank you both.

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