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Projected Ground Breaking Date For Proposed Downtown Redesign Moved Back

August 21st, 2019 by WCBC Radio

With the scope of the project expanding slightly- the projected ground breaking date for the proposed redesign of the downtown Cumberland pedestrian mall has moved back. Costs estimates have also changed in recent months with the original $5 to $7.5 million now nearing a projection of around $9 million. The plan includes reinstalling Baltimore Street through the downtown mall running one-way from Mechanic Street to George Street. During the process, the aging below-ground utility lines will be replaced. Paul Kelly, CEDC executive director, during Tuesday’s regular board meeting, said it looks like construction probably won’t begin until next summer….


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  1. mac:

    The manner in which this is written makes it sound as though the original purpose of the project was to reinstate traffic through Baltimore St. and, while we’re digging, we will replace the underground utilities.
    Such is not the case. The original reason for digging was to replace the utilities but since the SHA is funding the project it requires that there be an actual thoroughfare in use (as in S-HIGHWAY-A).
    So this brilliant idea of opening up Baltimore St was just to close a loophole.
    It’s a shame that the funding didn’t come through the Farm and Home Administration as a large swath of corn would really have looked nice running along the street.

  2. kevin:

    Kelly continues his amazing streak of picking magical dates for when work is done in Cumberland. How’s the hole in Rolling Mill these days? Still looks kinda vacant. Good job.

  3. Jay:

    Corn rows might stop the tumbleweed from blowing haphazardly through the lobby of the new boutique hotel. >

  4. Mark:

    Why can’t they just tear up the mall and then leave it undone while they wait for the next 9 million they’ll need for ‘cost over runs’? No point in changing from doing it half-arsed just like the Rolling Mill m.o.!

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