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Public School COVID-19 Update

October 8th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Weekly COVID Update: For the 7-day period of October 1-7,  Braddock Middle School met the Maryland Department of Health definition of a school-wide outbreak of COVID-19.  Fort Hill High School, Mountain Ridge High School, Allegany High School and the Career Center remain on the MDH list of schools with School Wide Outbreaks. ACPS had two schools with classrooms/cohorts that met the definition of a classroom/cohort outbreak:  Bel Air Elementary School and West Side Elementary School.

ACPS had six staff members and 41 students reported as positive for COVID-19 during this time and five staff members and 116 students were identified as a close contact to a positive person. Those who are close contacts complete a quarantine period of 10-20 days, depending on their individual circumstances.