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Public Support For River Park At Canal Place Growing

December 2nd, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Last month members of the public had the opportunity to view a completed color map showing the numerous attractions planned for the proposed River Park at Canal Place. Since that time, public support seems to be growing, according to Canal Place executive director Dee Dee Ritchie.  The river park would be located on the North Branch of the Potomac River behind Canal Place. Features would include two access points for boaters, a whitewater course, riverside trail, viewing area, parking and a fish passage ladder. Ritchie said she hopes to be hearing input from those who attended the public session in the near future…


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  1. Hank:

    We need jobs!!!

  2. Jay:

    Seems to me that the powers that be are willing to try anything to try and salvage something out of Canal Place. I don’t think the River Park is a bad idea but think abut it – we’re in the 3rd decade of the existence of Canal Place. And now we’re finally coming up with ideas to get people to go down there?

  3. Mark:

    > Why are you trying to rush things?? lol We only start dumb things here, not finish them.

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