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Rolling Mill Project Continues to Move Forward

January 29th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

The Cumberland Economic Development Corporation announced Monday the transfer of 48 parcels of real estate located in the Maryland Avenue project site to Cumberland Gateway Real Estate, for future commercial development. The closing of the properties took place on December 20th and marks the beginning of the first phase of development in this project.  The first phase of development includes typical pre-development planning such as storm water management, traffic circulation, utilities and other infrastructure. Meetings have already been scheduled with officials from the City, County and State to help the developers expedite the planning process.  Cumberland Mayor Ray Morriss tells WCBC News that the property transfers places the project on a fast track toward actual construction…

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  1. Steve:

    Does this mean the City will be receiving “tax” money for these 48 parcels? Maybe you can repel the 9.65% increase Grimm & his buddies imposed on the City Residents!

  2. kevin:

    > Don’t hold your breath. The developer even gets his little purchase price back if he meets the city’s goals for development. We’re about 10 to 15 years away from seeing tax revenue from this mess exceed what the city spent.

  3. Don:

    > So I guess that means the city bites the bullet again.If anything you are going to see taxes rise again!!

  4. mike:

    > And that’s IF they ever build anything there, which is VERY DOUBTFUL. Grim’s Folly

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