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Saturday Emergencies Off The Beaten Path

July 26th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The Joint Communications Center of Allegany County coordinated a search for a person with a medical condition in Green Ridge State Park Saturday afternoon. The search included several volunteer fire companies, Maryland DNR personnel and a helicopter. The subject was found after about an hour and tended to by EMS personnel.

Bittinger EMS was alerted around 8:30 Saturday morning for a rattle snake bite. Due to the rural location of the incident, Maryland State Police Aviation was utilized to transport the patient to WVU. A second call was received for a traumatic injury from the result of a bicycle accident, in that case, STAT Medevac was used for transport to Morgantown.



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  1. mac:

    It’s a good thing the snake bite victim was flown to WVU as UPMC Cumberland can be as dangerous as a rattlesnake.

  2. Jay:

    I’m not sure that our local hospital has the anti-venom injection. I guess they do. I know it is extremely expensive.

  3. Dan:

    Glad to see our local clown aka Mac is still alive and kicking

  4. mac:

    > Dan, thanks for your concern. It’s good to see you are as vituperative as ever.

  5. Jay:

    Don’t be too hard on him Mac. I don’t think Dan reads much and probably only watches Fox News and Newsmax.

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