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School Board Budget To Be Impacted By Pending Minimum Wage Hike

April 1st, 2019 by WCBC Radio

Maryland last week became the sixth state in the nation to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour- and while business owners in the region have made it clear there will be a definite impact- the board of education will also have to make some adjustments.  In western Maryland many business owners testified in Annapolis against the increase- saying as a result of the higher wage- they will have no choice but to reduce staff and/or raise prices to remain competitive. The private sector is not alone. Allegany County School Superintendent Dr David Cox, at the board’s most recent public session, said that the budget will be impacted as a result of the pending hike in wages…


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  1. kevin:

    Yes, the Board will be impacted by the increase in wages. It will be impacted by fuel increases, it will be impacted by security concerns, it will be impacted by higher payouts for board members suing it, it will be impacted by paying chiropractors extra money – the list is long.

    As to the wage issue, I guess the obvious solution is to relocate all the schools in Allegany county to West Virginia. Problem solved! Next!

  2. j.r. lepley:

    as I stated before , cut some of the outrageous salaries at the B.O.E.,like mr,cox for example I think I read he draw s 170,000 or more per year,and I heard,but have nt had a chance to check the fact s,that a fort hill football coach make s a little over 100,000 per year,if that s anyway true,it totally ridiculous,we live in a poverty city with low paying job s ,compared to other citie s no industry to speak of,look at how our city has deteriorated in the last several year s,so many people in our local government lack common sense!

  3. kevin:

    > No Fort Hill coach makes over 100,000 from coaching and teaching at a public school. The idea is ridiculous. Dr. Cox’s salary package is rated 17 out of 24 in the State of Maryland. Yes, it is more than the average citizen makes, but he is not making more than most people in that position.

  4. j.r. lepley:

    ok ,,what does our county rank in job s and employment,compared to the rest of the state???

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