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School Safety Coordinator Issue Debate Likely To Resume In Coming Weeks

August 7th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

 Should the school board, or superintendent, have the power to hire a school safety coordinator. That is an issue that was subject to some lively debate earlier this year among board members- and its likely to resume in the coming weeks. In the past, school safety coordinator- a position currently held by Matt Marlowe- was named by the superintendent with board approval. However with the majority of the board members- Robert Farrell, Wayne Foote and David Bohn- armed with the backing of the board attorney- suggesting the board select the security chief- there a stalemate. Board members Deb Frank and Tammy Fraley have argued that state policy clearly states that the position be named by the superintendent.  The board has asked for a declaratory judgement from the state on the issue. The speculation has been that the majority board already has a security chief in mind- retired state trooper and a former candidate for sheriff- Jason Merritt.  Frank commented on that possibility during a recent session…


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