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Senior Living Facility Being Planned At Cumberland Chase

September 27th, 2019 by WCBC Radio

A comprehensive senior living facility is being planned as the first development project at Cumberland Chase just off of U.S. 220 in Rawlings across the road from American Woodmark. The Allegany County Commissioners purchased the land several years ago viewing it has an ideal location for commercial and residential development opportunities.  During Thursday’s commissioners meeting,  Jeff Metz and David Weimer made a brief presentation outlining plans to construct a full service senior retirement community….


County Commissioners Jake Shade and Creade Brodie have been working close to six years to help bring the project to fruition…


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  1. Brian:

    6 years of effort 2 million open manufacturing jobs United States and this is the results we get

  2. Ed Dodrill:

    Great idea. Perfect for this area. Other support businesses will come in. More jobs for the region.

  3. Terri Lynn Martin:

    Great Idea…too bad it’s in WRONG SPOT~So far outta town & Away from Markets/Stores, Dr & Med facilities, offices, etc

  4. Ed Dodrill:

    It’s a one stop shop. All that will be there.

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