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Seven new COVID cases reported

May 15th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The Allegany County Health Department reports that COVID-19 cases among county residents have increased to 157.  The seven new cases include five Cumberland Healthcare Center residents and two community members.  The two community members are both male, one in his 50s and one in his 20s, and neither has required hospitalization.


To date, 1,738 Allegany County residents have been tested for COVID-19. Of those, 1,528 were negative, 157 were positive, and 53 are pending.

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  1. jim:

    A perfectly timed Phase I implementation

  2. Patrick:

    More testing = more cases. Nursing home(s) are almost lost causes…across the country. Very sad, but real. Some states opened > 2 weeks ago and not having a spike in deaths. Diagnoses going up with testing going up.

  3. Mark:

    I agree with Trump, if we would just quit with the darn testing then the cases would go away!! Quit getting tested people so this will go away!! (Makes sense that people as dumb as Trump love him!)

  4. Terri Martin:

    Re: Mark’s Comment … Please 4give me bcuz I try to refrain from name calling or directly discrediting someone’s opinion … BUT I’m sorry, not only is that comment factually untrue & dishonest, It’s Idiotic too!
    This Libtard concept that Everyone must be tested b4 the economy can reopen & life return to Old Normal is PURE stupidity & completely unrealistic unless you can Test entire population at one time w/ stand in place orders and instant test results followed by automatically removing positives into forced isolation! The DEMONocRAT Governor & State push for testing is a direct result of opening Fed bank and paying states $24-40K per KUNG FLU Positive & Up to $400k per Death!

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