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Skate Park Has Possible Location at Jaycee Field

September 29th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Having received official support from the city of Cumberland in August- a group of skateboard enthusiasts are now hard at work trying to identify the best location.  Attention most recently has centered on JayCee Field on Furnace Street. Advocates say that the availability of such a facility would give local youth access to a constructive, low-cost physical activity while also potentially providing a selling point for more tourists to visit Cumberland.  Finding a location that balances all the community’s needs is crucial according to group member Greg Bender. Among the options that had been on the table:  Cumberland Street, Canal Place and Constitution Park. During a discussion at the city’s regular work session, Councilman Rock Cioni said that Constitution Park, for a number of reasons has been ruled out. Mayor Ray Morriss acknowledged that most recent conversations have placed JayCee Field near the top of the preferred sites list…