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State Superintendent Wants Schools Preparing for Online Teaching into Fall

April 24th, 2020 by WCBC Radio

The challenges for Maryland teachers and students could continue much longer than originally thought.  Maryland's State Superintendent of Schools, Karen Salmon, said recently that that schools need to start preparing for the second wave of coronavirus infections that could close schools this coming fall, and even next winter.  Across the region, schools have been handing out instructional packages and providing online learning to students and parents struggling with the new reality of teaching and learning in the age of COVID-19. Officially, Salmon has only ordered schools closed through May 15th, but she's now warned state lawmakers that schools need to be ready to keep teaching online next fall and winter, if the pandemic continues or hits again with a second wave. For now, Salmon says she is keeping an open dialogue with superintendents across the state to focus on how best to complete the current academic school year…

2 Responses to “State Superintendent Wants Schools Preparing for Online Teaching into Fall”

  1. April 24, 2020 at 8:20 am, Bill said:

    Are the “Powers to Be” aware that large portions of Allegany County do NOT have adequate internet speed to be able to participate in online education? Nor is the internet service dependable enough to be able to be relied upon. High speed and dependable internet service has been needed in Many communities around here forever. I have been told by one of our politicians that, while Garrett County is defined as “rural”, Allegany County is Not. That means that the millions of dollars the government gave the FCC and Mandated that all those dollars were to be spent on expansion of high speed internet to rural America need to be accounted for. This doesn’t only affect our children’s ability to utilize internet services, it affects everyone else’s ability to do work from home, again, because of a lack of quality service. The right people, whoever they are, need to do whatever it takes to force these internet providers to actually expand to us “country folks”. The company tells us that we have old, antiquated lines that need upgraded. It said it has NO plans to do so. Bottom line, the packets are far inferior to what online classes offer. All students should have equal opportunity in our public school system. So, how about it “Leaders”. The virus itself is Not the Only thing our elected officials should be dealing with.


  2. April 24, 2020 at 10:40 am, mac said:

    Here we go again.
    The State Education Superintendent is preparing for another wave of Covid-19 in the fall/winter of 2020. Yet Delegate Jason Buckel is chomping at the bit to open everything back up as soon as possible.
    Which of these two individuals is showing more concern regarding the health of the people in the state of Maryland?


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