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Viral Video of Eviction Generates Responses from Residents, Landlords, NAACP

April 7th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

After a video of a confrontation between Allegany County sheriff’s deputies and some residents of Bowling Green went viral this week, questions are being asked about the source of the conflict, which was an eviction proceeding.  According to Mark Widmyer, the governor’s liaison, the state’s moratorium on evictions remains in place for those who can demonstrate financial hardship as a direct result of the pandemic. On this morning’s “Dave Norman Show,” an area landlord said evictions that are permitted tend to be preceded by a lengthy legal process…

Regarding the incident in Bowling Green, the Allegany County Chapter of the NAACP has condemned the actions taken by the officers seen in the video.  A statement from the organization described the amount of force used against citizens during the confrontation was “severe” and “brutal.”