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Al Abrams Field Grant




A few months ago, WCBC’s chief engineer Marty White was in attendance at a Pittsburgh Pirates Broadcast Seminar and one of the sessions dealt with a program to improve community baseball fields. When White returned to town with the information, WCBC worked with the City of Cumberland to complete an application for a “Fields For Kids” Program grant. In mid April, WCBC received word that Pirates Charities has approved a grant in the amount of $10,000 toward the Mayor and City Council of Cumberland‘s field upgrade project. The money will be used to improve Al Abrams Field located on Leiper (Leaper) off of Frederick Street, which has been used by the Dapper Dan Little League for decades. The Cumberland Mayor and City Council accepted the grant agreement in May.

This is a collaborative effort between the City of Cumberland Parks and Rec Department; the Dapper Dan, WCBC Radio and Pirates Charities.

Donations may be sent to the Mayor & City Council, Attention Kathy McKinney, Department of Community Development, 57 N. Centre Street, Cumberland, MD  21502






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