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Christmas For The Kids






A place to make a difference in the lives of children… That's why the WCBC "Christmas for the kids" started… And that's why it continues today.

The Maryland Salem Children's Trust is an organization that was started over 30 years ago to provide a safe place for children who have to be removed from the home situation.

The goals at Salem include:

  • Providing safe, loving living enviroments; Building character and skills through the Salem School Programs:
  • Healing emotional wounds through the Salem Therapy Program;
  • Teaching compassion through the Salem Horsemanship Program;
  • Loving Unconditionally through the Salem staff and the unending grace of God.

Over 20 years ago, WCBC Radio committed to making November and December months dedicated to making a difference in the lives of less fortunate children… Listeners will "meet" the children of the Maryland Salem Children's Trust and hear their "wish lists" include everything from shoes to sheets and sports team items to electronic game systems.

On December 16th at 6PM, WCBC Will host a party for the children at the Downtown Cumberland Ramada where gifts purchased by host parents, and thru donations., will be presented to the children. Attendees of the party will also include the Salem staff, WCBC's sponsors and special guests including Santa Claus.

If you'd like to make a donation, you can do so by phone using a credit card, by stopping by WCBC or by mailing a check made out to WCBC/Salem P.O. Box 1290, Cumberland, MD, 21501.






















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