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Allegany County Enhances Emergency Dispatch Operations with New CAD System

March 20th, 2024 by WCBC Radio

 – The Allegany County Department of Emergency Services (DES) is pleased to announce the implementation of a new Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD), marking a significant milestone in enhancing emergency response capabilities.

In late 2018, Allegany County embarked on a search for a replacement CAD system, seeking to modernize its emergency dispatch operations. After careful evaluation, Motorola Solutions emerged as the preferred vendor, meeting the county's requirements and offering cost-effective solutions. The contract for the new system was signed in January of 2020.

After a significant delay in planning due to the pandemic and a lengthy and thorough ground-up build-out of the software, the CAD system went live today, March 19, 2024. The new FLEX CAD system brings Allegany County's emergency dispatch operations in line with state and national standards. With comprehensive system integration and 24/7 customer support from Motorola Solutions, the upgraded CAD system promises enhanced data management and streamlined dispatching processes.

Roger Bennett, Deputy Director of Emergency Services, emphasizes the benefits of the new CAD system: "The Flex single source database is very conducive to how our 911 Specialists dispatch calls. Some key features of the system include a central location for data storage and backup, a reduction in duplicate entries, and automated data populations throughout all system modules. This fully integrated database also facilitates real-time data sharing both within Allegany County and across multiple jurisdictional boundaries.

The implementation of this system represents a significant advancement in our emergency dispatch operations." CAD systems are used by all 911 Systems to dispatch Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS). From the caller’s information, and the nature of the call, CAD recommends the correct resources to handle the incident. If the incident is a building fire, CAD will recommend the correct type of fire engines and ladder trucks, then recommend additional units if the fire is found to be larger than first thought. If it is a law enforcement-type call, CAD recommends what agency the address is in and additional officers if it is a high-threat type incident.

Allegany County remains committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents. With the introduction of the FLEX CAD system, the county anticipates improving its emergency response capabilities and serving the community with increased reliability and effectiveness