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Allegany Museum Crossroads of America, WMSR steam locomotive events today

May 6th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

If you were still up around 8:30 last night you certainly heard Mountain Thunder coming to life. Western Maryland Scenic railroad Engine 1309 is returning to service following her 7 year overhaul. The inauguration of the steam locomotive will take place today at the Western Maryland Railroad station around 11:00AM. Engine 1309 begins her service today to Frostburg and a musical performance on the platform at Western Maryland station around 6:00PM.

The Allegany Museum Crossroads of America exhibit grand opening will take place today beginning at 9:30AM. It displays the first artificial intelligence age regression technology that has been used to create a stunning 3D recreation of George Washington as a teenager and also as President during the Whiskey Rebellion. The exhibit showcases Washington's tenure here and our regions rich history as the gateway to the West.