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Alleged plot to escape Garrett lockup Investigated

November 11th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Five female inmates of the Garrett County Detention Center have been charged with plotting an escape that included a bomb threat being telephoned to the facility. The Cumberland Times News reports the alleged scheme was discovered earlier this month by detectives of the Garrett County Sheriff's Office Criminal Investigation Division, who were assisted by deputies in the department's narcotics division, its crime scene investigator and correctional officers.

Authorities said inmates within the detention center plotted a scheme where calls were made to a person outside the facility to call in a bomb threat to the detention center so the escape can occur. The call was never made; however, recorded calls and interviews revealed the details of the plan, according to the sheriff's office.

As a result of the investigation, those charged by criminal summons were Miranda Rae Bageant, 34; Shannon Marie Davis, 33; Elizabeth Marie George, 25; Brittney Nicole Hinebaugh, 29; and Dashawn Nichelle Scott, 25. 

They were each charged with solicitation of arson threat, conspiracy to commit arson threat, solicitation of first-degree escape, conspiracy to commit first-degree escape, solicitation of threat of mass violence and related offenses.