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Attorney General Brown Achieves Key Legislative Goals of First 100 Days in Office

April 11th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

Maryland Attorney General Anthony G. Brown announced today the major accomplishments of his first legislative session, including his top priority: providing the Office of the Attorney General broad authority to combat discrimination and enforce federal and state civil rights protections. The new law will allow the Attorney General, for the first time in Maryland history, to join the efforts of the Department of Justice and the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights to protect Marylanders from bias and discrimination.

“In seeking the privilege of becoming Maryland’s Attorney General, I promised that this Office would become a partner in the ongoing struggle to ensure equal rights and opportunities for all Marylanders,” said Attorney General Brown. “From the freedom to choose where to live and who to love, to equity in access to good jobs, quality health care, clean air and water, and protection from harm, Marylanders deserve an Attorney General who can fight on their behalf for these fundamental rights. I am grateful to the General Assembly for making that possible.”

Attorney General Brown also commended the General Assembly’s passage of other key priorities, which include giving the Office authority not only to investigate, but also to prosecute – when warranted – police-involved fatalities and serious injuries likely to result in death. Building on the General Assembly’s historic 2021 police reform efforts, this new law will align the State with best practices in police accountability and increase public confidence that investigations and prosecutorial decisions are independent and transparent.

Other significant achievements include: long overdue legislation protecting consumers against price-gouging and safeguarding vulnerable residents of unlicensed assisted living facilities from abuse and exploitation; increasing support for sexual assault survivors by enhancing safeguards in the handling and tracking of sexual assault evidence kits; strengthening oversight of the wholesale tobacco industry, and expanding the resources and authority of the Office to enhance public safety and prosecute criminal violations of environmental and natural resources laws.

The Attorney General made a commitment to partner with the Governor and General Assembly to ensure that the Office has the authorities and resources necessary to protect and promote the rights and interests of the people it serves. This array of legislative accomplishments reflects that commitment and partnership.\

“On my first day in office, I promised an ambitious agenda that would enhance our ability to serve the best interests of Marylanders,” said Attorney General Brown. “We pushed and fought for the authority and resources necessary to fulfill that pledge. Through a strong partnership with the General Assembly and solid support from Governor Moore, we have made real, tangible progress.”