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Beitzel Doubles Down on Secession, Points to Media Overreaction

December 30th, 2021 by WCBC Radio

Although the effort to pursue secession of Allegany, Garrett and Washington counties from Maryland to West Virginia is a dead issue- Delegate Wendell Beitzel is standing by the reasoning that led to the proposal- and he blames the media for the controversy. Addressing the Allegany County Chamber of Commerce, the delegate was asked if he had second thoughts about meeting with West Virginia leaders to discuss the idea. Beitzel said the delegation was acting in response to years of constituent complaints  that the western part of the state is largely ignored by Annapolis. The objective he says was to see a non-binding referendum vote to determine what percentage of residents are frustrated enough to consider secession..

He said that in his opinion, the media coverage blew the issue out of proportion…