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Biden’s Approval Rating in MD Slips Below 50%

March 22nd, 2022 by WCBC Radio

A new poll finds President Biden's approval rating below 50% in Maryland, a state where Democratic voters outnumber Republicans by a 2-1 margin. A Goucher College poll finds 48% of those surveyed either "strongly approve" or "approve" of the job Biden is doing, while 47% "strongly disapprove" or "disapprove." A similar poll in March of last year gave Biden a 61% approval rating, and a poll in October gave him a 53% approval rating. Meanwhile the state’s Republican Governor, Larry Hogan continues a 7 plus year run of strong approval ratings. Pollster Mileah Kromer

Since the so-called “honeymoon” period in the first few months of his presidency, President Biden’s number have been steadily declining…