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Bill would provide tax credit to businesses that offer 4–day workweek option

January 20th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

WBAL reports a new proposal in Annapolis would encourage companies to offer four-day workweeks in exchange for tax breaks. It's common for nurses and a number of other professions to work four-day workweeks, and now state lawmakers are considering backing the idea. Finding the right work-life balance is on trend in 2023, and some people think a four-day workweek would help.

"I agree that a four-day workweek would, one, make people more productive. They wouldn't be as burned out as much and they would be able to spend more time home with their family," said Brandon Clark, a worker.

"It enables people to get extra stuff done on that third day off," said Mike Hardesty, a worker.

The Four–Day Workweek Act of 2023 (House Bill 181) would create a two-year pilot program to gauge whether the perk should become an option under state law, and participating businesses would get an income tax break.