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Cash Valley Road Resident addressed traffic safety issues to Allegany County Commissioners

January 23rd, 2023 by WCBC Radio

Glenn Stahlman, a resident of Cash Valley Road in LaVale since the 1960’s, addressed the Allegany County Commissioners last week, once again with complaints about traffic safety issues.  Stalhman said the three and a half mile stretch of road is one of the more heavily traveled in the county-  and all too often used by drivers with no regard for safety. Having failed to get any satisfaction from the Sheriff’s Department- Stalhman on several occasions in the past few years has taken his case to the county commissioners saying that he is particularly concerned with the safety of school children who walk on that road. In October of 2019 the commissioners adopted a code home rule bill banning the use of law enforcement speed cameras. Stalhman said that was an ill advised decision…