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City Parking Lot Permit Fees To Change

November 18th, 2023 by WCBC Radio

December 01, 2023 the following rates for Parking Permits will go into effect:

Permit fees for the two city garages (George Street and Frederick Street) and lots on Johnson Street (Lot #3) and S. Mechanic Street (Lot #1) will increase $5.00 per month per permit.

For the George Street Garage, the premium space fee will be $85.00 per month.  All other levels will be $60.00 per month. Hourly parking rates will be $1.50/hour or $12.00 max per day.

For the Frederick Street Garage, the Blue Level will be $95.00 per month, the Yellow level will be $80.00 per month and the Green Level will be $60.00 per month.

The permit fee for Lot #1 (S. Mechanic Street) will be $35.00 per month and the permit fee for Lot #3 (Johnson Street) will be $40.00 per month.