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City Still Searching for Home for Allegany Facade

September 12th, 2022 by WCBC Radio

Earlier this year, the city of Cumberland wound up in possession of the former Allegany High School entrance facade pieces- and despite their best efforts to give it away- there have been no takers. The concrete facade was removed from the former school on Sedgwick Street as part of the demolition process.  Comprised of nearly 80 pieces — some with ornate design work  — the facade parts were numbered for reassembly, placed on pallets and covered with plastic wrapping. In April, city officials ade a decision to store the facade pieces for six to 12 months to see if any collectors would take all, or parts, of the entrance way. During an update this week, City Administrator Jeff Silka reported there had been no intested expressed to date. Mayor Ray Morris said the head of the Fade To Blue organization – a group that put on a reception and exhibition on Allegany High School in July-  may be able to find a home for the facade pieces…